Create user interfaces from components

React lets you build user interfaces out of individual pieces called components. Create your own React components like ThumbnailLikeButton, and Video. Then combine them into entire screens, pages, and apps.


function Video({ video }) {
  return (
      <Thumbnail video={video} />
      <a href={video.url}>
      <LikeButton video={video} />

My video

Video description

Whether you work on your own or with thousands of other developers, using React feels the same. It is designed to let you seamlessly combine components written by independent people, teams, and organizations.

Write components with code and markup

React components are JavaScript functions. Want to show some content conditionally? Use an if statement. Displaying a list? Try array map(). Learning React is learning programming.

import { db } from './database.js';
import { Suspense } from 'react';

async function ConferencePage({ slug }) {
  const conf = await db.Confs.find({ slug });
  return (
    <ConferenceLayout conf={conf}>
      <Suspense fallback={<TalksLoading />}>
        <Talks confId={} />

async function Talks({ confId }) {
  const talks = await db.Talks.findAll({ confId });
  const videos = =>;
  return <SearchableVideoList videos={videos} />;